January 2015 – 2015 Club Activities & Goals

Happy New Year everyone! We hope you rang in 2015 with great fun, happiness, and celebration! We are looking forward to this new year and to continue to grow the club in a positive direction, as we did last year in 2014.

Continuing with our goal to not just further our club but also amateur radio as a whole, we will have some of these events to look forward to this year:

  • Continue to assist with hosting amateur radio testing sessions for people looking to enter ham radio, or to upgrade their license.
  • Host Field Day 2015 in June, which is always a wonderful time to get together and promote amateur radio, and teach some operators and citizens the different types of modes and operations of radios. You may see the link below for more information.
  • Continue hosting the National Weather Service (NWS) Storm Spotter class each year. This class is for regular citizens, public safety personnel, and amateur radio operators, who all can benefit from this training, which does save lives.
  • Continue to host our weekly radio net to keep members up-to-date on club operations and to as always, promote positive amateur radio activities and practices.
  • Continue to host our monthly club meetings where we can conduct official club business, then afterwards conduct training sessions to teach members some new information they may not have previously known.

We look forward to seeing you in 2015! Please drop us a line or an email should you have any questions or comments!

73 and we will see you soon!