November 2014 – Officer Elections & Christmas Dinner

2015 Officer Elections
Tonight, November 24th, the club voted in the 2015 Monroe Amateur Radio Club Officers. The voted members are as follows:

President – Eric Franks
Vice President – Jim Overdorff
Secretary – Sharron Fritts
Treasurer – Sharron Fritts

The club would like to think the members who attended the November club meeting and who cast their votes for our new officers. We also want to thank all our club members who help to further our club and amateur radio. We have gained attendance this past year and we have furthered our club in tremendous ways.

Christmas Dinner
Saturday, December 13th, the club will be hosting our annual Christmas party. It will begin at 12 pm at Bert’s Diner, located at 4263 US Hwy 411, Madisonville, Tennessee. We look forward to seeing all our club members and their families, as well as other amateur radio operators and families who are not members of our club, while we celebrate Christmas with one another.