Weekly Net

The Monroe Amateur Radio Club weekly net is at the following date and time:

Tuesday Night – 7 pm

145.250 MHz , 100.0 Hz tone , negative offset (linked to the 145.270 MHz repeater)
145.270 MHz , 103.5 Hz tone , negative offset (linked to the 145.250 MHz repeater)

The net is in three parts:

  • Check in
  • Comments
  • Swap and shop

Our net has a lot of participation from not only club members, but amateur radio operators not involved in the club. Please feel free to join us each Tuesday night for our weekly net.

If you are not an amateur radio operator, but you would like to be, or if you have questions about “ham radio”, use the Contact Us link from the menu, and send us a message. We always enjoy helping others open the doors to amateur radio.